Meet Katharina Rembi: founder of Have a Smile

Meet Katharina Rembi: founder of Have a Smile

New year, new promises to keep. Everyone has made their own resolutions and so have we. One of our main and most important goal this year is TO SMILE, and to smile a lot! We wanted to remind everyone the importance of smiling so we are starting the year by sharing with you a very special interview with Katharina Rembi, founder of Have a Smile

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When did you decide you wanted to make a positive impact on the world and how did you land on Have a Smile as the way to do that?

"I was faced with difficulties based on family tragedy and personal complications. I lost what usually was one my biggest trademarks, my smile. Feeling very lonely with my problems, I quickly tried to find a way to fix what I was feeling. Nothing seems to work. So I started a journey, searching what always meant so much to me. A smile. Talking to people about what they have been through and photographing them smiling, has had a huge effect on me. Now, I see it as a duty to share the inspiring stories I come across. It is a huge joy to meet people from all over the world and realize, we all face heartbreaks. We do much better solving them together"


How has starting Have A Smile influenced your life?

"It is really a challenge to start a project by yourself. Especially not knowing where it is going and what the future goals are. Raising money for a good cause is always tricky and I am faced will all these new problems which make me grow and discover a whole new world of work. From my heart, I hope I can take this project to a beautiful place, where I can inspire and maybe make people loose their fear of one another."


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How do you find balance running a foundation, keeping up with a busy modeling career, and still have time for a personal life?

"In general I believe, we only have one life and we might miss living it every single day by stressing and worrying. Of course, this is easier said than done but if we try to do tasks and work step by step, we can take off a little bit of pressure. Sometimes you can't make every deadline and instead of falling into a depression we have to move on. I am very lucky because my family is very supportive and so are my friends. Knowing how much I love them, keeps me going every single day."

Can you give us a window into a typical day?

"Working as a model has been a blessing but also a lesson because each day truly looks different. Your career is in different stages all the time and you never know what might happen tomorrow. Maybe I can say this,  I love to practice yoga and I love to dance, so I try to do that on a regular basis. I never forget to wash my face before I go to bed. Oh, and in the morning I love to wake up early, so I can have a cup of coffee and read the news. If I am not too tired I love to get up so early, knowing everybody is still asleep and so I can just be by myself for a bit.

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Could you share with us a special story or inspiration that’s come to you thanks to the foundation?

"There are so many but I felt very emotional when I asked my half brother to talk about his challenges growing up. We have the same father. On all fronts, he left us when we were kids... But his mother and grandparents passed away. Just thinking about the challenges, him and his brother were facing, creates tears in my eyes. He sends me some of the most inspiring words and I am very proud of all his achievements!" --Check his story on @have__a__smile "Wojtek Rembielinski"

What advice do you have for those out there trying to pursue their dreams?   

"Never stop and enjoy! And stay healthy." 

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What advice do you have for those who have lost their smile?

"Great question. Ha. I should know that answer. I would want everybody to understand, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! You are probably facing some difficult times. Even when you fall harder, always work with all the power that you have left to change your situation. Yes, you can. Only you are the manager of your life and you are the only one that will make yourself smile again. Trust me, after a difficult time, comes the time you feel like you can breathe again. Happiness is always there we just have to find it in the small things. What do they say, the best is yet to come." 

You’re Polish and grew up in Germany; how does New York compare to other places you’ve lived?

"New York is a city like no other. You will meet people from every country in the world with incredible talent and drive. Not a day goes by, with somebody fulfilling their dreams. The city that never sleeps and presents you with the most opportunities. If you are willing to work really hard! I am inspired by the people and the love you feel around as a New Yorker. Do I miss home, yes I do."

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 What about New York makes you smile the most?

"The huge amount of great yoga studios!" 

What about PasBlank makes you smile?

"The beautiful clothes. PasBlanks vision. The fact that I am one of the first to work with you, knowing you will be very busy soon but mostly the great women behind it!"